A chatbot (or bot) is a piece of software designed to communicate with humans (like you). Their function is to automate a task. There are many bots out there that you may be familiar with like Siri, Alexa, Google Voice and website chat, to name a few.

Messenger bots use messaging platforms as their medium of communication with Facebook being one of the largest and latest to bring them online.

When you combine a Messenger bot with Facebook Advertising you get a lead generating match made in heaven with cost per lead lower than other platforms. Engagement rates are incredibly high with 70% - 80% open rates and an average of 65%+ click-through rates. What are your marketing email open and click-through rates these days?

If you want your business to stay relevant in the ever changing digital landscape, you need to embrace the Messenger bot revolution. Which means you're in the right place because we're experts in Messenger Marketing with Messenger bots!

Now, I could go on and on about Messenger bots but you won't see their real potential until you experience one for yourself.

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WebbyUp Messenger Marketing Services

Our Goal: Bringing you new customers and clients through Messenger Bots. In addition to that, we'll keep you and your business top of mind and standing out amongst your competition.
Our Messenger Bot services include...
  • Creation and setup of the Messenger Bot and customized with common FAQs, location information, overview of services offered and listing of current specials
  • Creation of automated sequences to be sent to subscribers
  • Setup of Growth Tools to promote your Messenger Bot
  • Custom monthly reporting and analysis
  • Promote upcoming events to your Messenger Bot subscribers
  • Segment users based on specified criteria for future sequences
With more customizable options available. You dream it up and we can build it.