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Exclusive Offer for Digital Marketing Secrets Group

Thank you for attending the COVID Recover Virtual Summit! As mentioned, I have an exclusive offer for you… a lead capturing bot built for FREE!

To register, tap ‘Get started in Messenger’

You will need an account with ManyChat in order for me to build you your lead capturing bot. You will also have to eventually upgrade from their free version to Pro. The Pro version of ManyChat starts at $10/mo and you can cancel at any time. Learn more about ManyChat’s pricing here.

Why you need a Pro upgrade on ManyChat:

ManyChat offers a ton of great features in their free version. Unfortunately, collecting data like email addresses or phone numbers is not one of those features.

But the choice is up to you! If you want to collect emails and phone numbers through your lead capturing bot… upgrade to Pro. If not, you can still build a Messenger subscriber list with their free version and contact your list through ManyChat.

To register, tap ‘Get started in Messenger’

Justin Scicluna - Private Practice Marketing - The Psychology Group

Justin Scicluna is a Messenger Marketing expert. He has built hundreds of successful Messenger Marketing campaigns for just as many businesses. You can reach to schedule a one-on-one consultation anytime by tapping here.